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Pests are common in Decatur, GA and you should not ignore this problem. Many people have chosen First Choice Termite And Pest Control to take care of their pest control needs as we are renowned for our professional commercial & residential termite extermination service. To see what these people have to say about us, check out the comments left below. If you want to share your experience, go to our Google Business page and submit your feedback. We look forward to reading your comments.

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First Choice Termite And Pest Control
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 29 reviews
by Jackson Anderson on First Choice Termite And Pest Control

At work, there was a terrible bedbug infestation. William and Davis came in 3 hours after my call and thoroughly checked all the mattresses and cushions. They used liquid pesticides, which was very effective. All the bedbugs were removed in a matter of hours.

by Daniel Miller on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Good Movers!

Stephen came the very next day after I hired this firm to get rid of rats in my house. His service was flawless, and the mat he used killed every rat in 2 hours. Many thanks.

by Edward Darrin on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Good Service!

First Choice Pest Control’s commitment to reliability was clearly reflected in their inspection and treatment of my property. They conducted a detailed assessment, identifying potential problem areas I hadn’t noticed. Their follow-through in resolving the pest issue was impeccable, and I’m confident in their guarantee of a pest-free environment.

by John Lawrence on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Well Done!

This company is amazing. After buying a new house, I desperately needed pest control service. Robert came to our help and eliminated all the termites. Their staff was professional, and their charges were really reasonable. They are definitely worth it.

by Denver Mills on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Great job!

After struggling with a persistent ant infestation, First Choice Pest Control came to the rescue. Their treatment was effective, and I haven’t seen an ant in weeks. They were efficient and didn’t waste any time getting the job done right. Great job!

by Joseph Hobson on First Choice Termite And Pest Control

Dealing with bed bugs was a nightmare until we contacted First Choice Pest Control. Their team was friendly and took the time to educate us on prevention methods post-treatment. The bed bugs were gone after two visits, and we’ve had no issues since. Their friendly service made a difficult situation much easier.

by Frank Davis on First Choice Termite And Pest Control

First Choice Pest Control performed a comprehensive inspection of our property for termites. They treated the affected areas and provided us with a detailed plan to prevent future infestations.

by Christopher James on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Highly recommended.

We were troubled by the sounds of rodents in our walls. The team set up traps and sealed entry points. It’s been weeks, and we haven’t heard a peep. Company’s follow-up service ensured our home remained rodent-free. Impressed by their effective and long-lasting solution.

by Justin Lewis on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Well Done!

After noticing a sudden ant infestation in our kitchen, we called First Choice Pest Control. They responded quickly, arriving within hours. The technician was knowledgeable and explained the treatment process thoroughly. After the service, we noticed an immediate reduction in ant activity. Highly recommended!!

by Michael Perez on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Good Job!

I hired this company to remove rats from my home, and Anthony came the very next day. His service was perfect, and in just 4 hours, all the rats were caught by the mat he used. Many thanks.

by Aaron White on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Good Service!

Little bedbugs took over my house despite my best efforts to DIY remedies. Robert was punctual and thoroughly examined every area of my home, paying particular attention to the doors and windows. He used very effective spray and removed them all from my house.

by Erma Darby Rich on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Excellent Service

I recently had a pest problem and called another company for treatment. Total failure in regards to late arrival, numerous calls ,etc.

I have dealt with First Choice over the years at previous properties. I called the owner and told him of the issue. Immediate response and scheduled the appointment the next day. Inspected my home and secured entry. Explained the treatment.

You can rely on First Choice for dependable,trust, superior customer service and resolution .

by Debora Martin on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
So far, So good!

I called for a termite inspection. I received on-time service and a quick turnaround. Cant wait to try more services!

by Susanne L. on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
So Grateful

I would book your residential pest control service again without hesitation. You removed the creepy and annoying cockroaches from all over the house. Thank you for ensuring my sleep and restoring my peace of mind.

by Emilia R. on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Thanks Again

We hired them to take care of a squirrel problem in our rental property. They worked hard and took the time to explain everything I wanted to know about their equipment and special trapping system. Great guys and very courteous. Highly recommend them to anyone in this area.

by Mick M. on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Another Happy Customer

Yes, I am another happy client who used this reliable residential termite extermination service! True experts, very competent, responsible, and professional. They carried out an entire inspection and removed all the present termites. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

by Neil S. on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
A Great Company to Work With!

I scheduled this commercial termite extermination service because of strange sounds within the walls of my restaurant kitchen. They checked the whole place and recommended a heat treatment. They returned many times to make sure their job was done efficiently.

by Alexandra R. on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Thank You Very Much

Thank you for your complete and professional termite inspection. It's such a relief knowing that I have no more termites in the attic. I appreciate your timely assistance and unquestionable results. Thank you!

by Denise F. on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
To Whom It May Concern

Your staff was incredible. You saved my family so much distress and further problems with your efficient termite extermination. You took the time to inspect our home thoroughly and remove those annoying pests that were eating the house from inside out. Thank you!

by Jamie Hunt on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
The Termites are Completely Gone!

My family has been coughing and sneezing non-stop for the past few days. I tried calling my house cleaner, but nothing seems to work. So I tried to inspect my home and that was when I found out that termites have taken over my house. I’m so worried about my kids that I decided to call this company for their residential pest control service. With their help, my property is safe from the pests.

by Shelia Parks on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Quick and Easy!

I know that my house has been taken over by pests, but I can’t find the time to inspect my house because I’m busy with my full-time job and kids. It was only when I called this residential termite extermination service provider that I was able to breathe easily. They were able to unravel the root cause of the infestation and they got rid of it quickly.

by April M. on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Thanks for Getting Rid of the Termites!

A few months ago, my commercial property has been taken over by termites. It was hard to determine the root cause, that I eventually gave up and called this company for some assistance. Thankfully, they were able to help me find the cause. I highly recommend their commercial termite extermination service because of its quality.

by Nettie Hicks on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
I Enjoyed Their Quality Services.

I was suspicious that my house has been taken over by pests and I only confirmed my hunches when I asked this company to do a termite inspection. When we found the root cause of my problem, they immediately offered solutions. At first, I was hesitant since I was thinking about the price, but gladly it was something I can afford.

by Tara Mcgee on First Choice Termite And Pest Control

I’m a mother of four and I don’t have the time to learn about termite extermination. I’m already dealing with the chores and taking care of my kids, so I want to lessen the burden on my shoulders. I asked my friends and family for recommendations and they pointed me towards this direction. Hiring this company was surely the most comfortable time of my life. I also urge you to do the same thing if you want peace of mind.

by Oscar A. Strine on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Very Effective

I called you for residential pest control service and you proved your worth. You provided me with thorough removal of the nasty insects that have been tormenting me for a long time. I'm so glad that I can rely on you for such things. You deserve no less than five stars. Thank you and see you again if need be.

by Racquel T. Simmons on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
I Recommend

I recommend this company if you need a residential termite extermination service. They have everything that you need from a company like them - the team, the gear, the necessary eco-friendly products. You shouldn't think twice - hire them as soon as yo notice that the termites reached your home. They are a menace and this company is the remedy.

by Vincenzo S. Morris on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Saved My Business

I don't like termites. They are numerous, always hungry, and insolent. They can make a short work of any tree or wooden structure. That's why I decided to use the help of your commercial termite extermination service. You helped me out and literally saved my business. Thank you for the. You deserve many new customers and I will help you with recommendations.

by Edith N. Rayford on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Best Specialists

Your termite inspection was a successful undertaking. You surely deserve every cent for your service. I'm also happy that it was a timely measure to call you for the inspection. Your help gave me everything that I needed for a surefire removal of the pests. I will recommend your services to others for sure. Thank you and keep up the good work!

by Hollis J. Schlosser on First Choice Termite And Pest Control
Thank You

You have my sincerest gratitude for the job you did for me. Your termite extermination was a thing to consider and I'm glad that your job was effective and obviously long-lasting when it comes to results. I will do my part and recommend your services to others because you deserve it. Your professionalism is second to none. Thank you!

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