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Our Wildlife Animal Relocation Plan Includes an Affordable Squirrel Removal Service

Did you know they don’t have squirrels in Australia? If you’re currently struggling to take off those little creatures off your property in Decatur, GA with no success, don’t start packing your bags just yet! First Choice Termite And Pest Control is professional pest control service that happens to offer squirrel trapping as part of our wild animal relocation service. You don’t have to change continents to get away from the unwanted guests. Stay on this page to learn more.

Squirrel Removal Service

When is squirrel removal service needed?

Although squirrels are not the most dangerous or aggressive form of wildlife, they can still cause some damage to your house. Sometimes, they end up inhabiting your attic when it gets cold outside and before you know it, this could result in harming your property. As a wildlife representative, squirrels nest in wooded areas and choose basements, attics, and garages for food storage and shelters.

They can end up gnawing on cables and damaging your walls. Most probably, you too are using such places for storage purposes and you don’t want to risk any harm to your property. That’s when squirrel trapping comes in useful. This, however, is something of a professional with a permit should do to avoid breaking any state laws.

We can help!

With over 20 years of experience, our pest control technicians have dealt with so many cases of extermination and removal. They are prompt and personable and get the job done. We’re a certified member of National Wildlife Control Operators Association Georgia’s Pest Control Association. As such, we know how to solve your problem by providing humane squirrel trapping and removal.

Our licensed squirrel removal service won’t just end at the point where we relocate them. We’ll also make sure that your home or business will no longer be a desirable place for the squirrels to nest. It will be a long-term solution.

Get the professional help of First Choice Termite And Pest Control in the quest for a squirrel-free home in Decatur, GA! Call us at (770) 482-7322!

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