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A Reliable Pest Control Solution!

Pest infestations require more than buying a few sprays and repellents. If your property seems to be attracting roaches, fleas, rodents, or spiders, give First Choice Termite And Pest Control a call. Our professional exterminators have a suitable pest control solution for you. We operate in Decatur, GA.

Pest Control Solution

Our pest extermination company will examine the condition of your home and search for a whole host of creepy pests. We will deal with rodents, beetles, termites, wasps, mosquitoes, roaches, and fleas. Our competent technicians will work with you to assess the level and type of infestation and then set out a plan to eradicate the pests from your home. We will also check for sources, such as garbage or sewers. We will contact you and your family about the costs, procedures, prevention treatments, and the health risks associated with that particular infestation. Our staff offers personalized pest management services and programs.

We are qualified and competent pest control professionals who are not afraid to implement the newest and most effective techniques in our work. When your property is under attack from fleas, cockroaches, ants, or spiders, these critters seriously jeopardize your health and safety. We provide you with the perfect plan based on the upfront property inspection. Our exterminators know about all the industry regulations, and we adhere to them in our projects. Our company deals with a wide range of harmful pests, and we will be glad to lend you a hand in a timely and professional manner. Our specialists don’t just remove the irritant temporarily, but we supply long-term pest removal & prevention programs.

For additional details about our professional and cost-effective services and working techniques, contact First Choice Termite And Pest Control at (770) 482-7322 without giving it a second thought. Do you have a list of critters you have spotted in or around your house? The sooner you hand it over to us, the better! Our respectable business operates in Decatur, GA.

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