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Trained Termite Extermination Experts at Your Service in Decatur, GA

Hiring expert commercial or residential pest control service specialists comes with a number of benefits when comparing it to controlling bugs and rodents on your own. A professional company has trained exterminators who understand where to treat and how to handle infestations of different types. If you are a property owner looking to protect your premises in Decatur, GA, consider calling First Choice Termite And Pest Control for the job.

Our team comprises highly skilled and extensively trained technicians who have the proper knowledge of pests, their habits, and all the chemicals and methods to handle pest-related problems. When we send our residential or commercial pest control service providers to win back your property, they set up plans that are specific to your needs. For example, if it comes to wildlife animals, we will set up traps and capture the creatures humanely. For insects, we have different solutions.

More About Our Termite Extermination Solutions

Even though termite species vary throughout the States, subterranean termites are most likely to attack your home in Decatur, GA. They are social insects that nest in underground colonies that can grow up to millions in number. You cannot see them, though. To assess the damage they cause to your home, you need to contact a pest management professional. Each year Americans pay more than $5 billion for damage repair – something that is not covered by most insurance plans. We at First Choice Termite And Pest Control utilize a special termite bait system that ensures the security you need for your home and gives you peace of mind knowing that your biggest investment is protected at all times.

Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are the ideal way to get rid of bed bugs. Heat services involve special equipment that heats the temperatures in the affected area to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate any living bugs and their eggs. We will station a special heat trailer outside your home and install fans inside to help air circulate throughout the space. Exposed to these temperatures, bed bugs instantly die. The bed bug heat treatment is the service that will give quick, professional results.

Bed Bug Liquid Treatment

Bed Bug Heater Rental

If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation on your property, you should take a proactive approach. The damage these pests can cause can be devastating. We at First Choice Termite And Pest Control can offer you a professional solution to your problem. We offer a selection of bed bug liquid products to help you treat the problem accordingly. Call us now to learn more! 

There are numerous reasons why you can rest easy knowing that First Choice Termite And Pest Control can handle for you. Even though we are renowned for our exceptional commercial termite extermination service, this is not the only thing our technicians can offer you. During the years of their service, they have helped the local community get rid of bedbugs, bees, wasps, spiders, ants, rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife animals.

You can spend a couple of bucks on sprays from the local store, but they do not guarantee the pests will stay away for a long time. Using chemicals and hazardous sprays will surely provide you with results but they will be more like a temporary solution. If you want to get rid of the critters once and for all, opt for the assistance of our professional termite extermination team in Decatur, GA.

We work with homeowners, local builders, businesses, and other individuals who need timely yet reliable solutions. Our commercial or residential termite extermination service and other solutions are available to you with great specials and discounts so wait no more and call us now! We will be more than happy to come and take a look so we can give you an accurate quote and tailor the most optimal solutions for your problem.

Client’s Testimonial


At work, there was a terrible bedbug infestation. William and Davis came in 3 hours after my call and thoroughly checked all the mattresses and cushions. They used liquid pesticides, which was very effective. All the bedbugs were removed in a matter of hours.

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