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Take Advantage of Our Rodent Removal Service!

You might be speculating why you’re overhearing gnawing noise in your wardrobe at night. Or you might probably be confused why there is a food mess in your kitchen area. These occurrences have happened to most homeowners. The only offender you can point your finger at are rodents like mice and rats. They also have a history of spreading illnesses like leptospirosis, etc. You better summon First Choice Termite And Pest Control when you see a group of rodents infesting your home. You don’t have to worry about eliminating them yourself because we can provide assistance to you in that aspect. We have former clients who have been in houses infested by rodents. With our rodent removal service, they are living in a rodent-free home. Here’s how we take care of your rodent problem in Decatur, GA:

Rodent Removal Service

Tracking the Location

We can quickly recognize the area of rodent infestation. With the aid our rodent trapping tools, we will be able to locate where they came from and how they got in. From there, we can evaluate what wildlife removal method to take in order to get rid of the rodents.

Applying Treatment

Rodents are untamed creatures. They can shred any of your personal belongings using their teeth. Thus, it is crucial to eliminate them immediately. Part of our pest extraction is that we provide choices of our clients regarding their preferred safe rodent removal approach to take.


After the pests are entirely removed, we need to guarantee your home is rodent-proof. In order to do that, we will cover up all the possible point of entries the rodents have sneaked in. We will also create exclusion barriers to block further pest intrusion.

If you want to ensure a rodent-free home, call First Choice Termite And Pest Control on our hotline number: (770) 482-7322. For more information about our rodent trapping program, feel free to visit our office at Decatur, GA.

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