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In Case of Emergencies, Call Our Termite Extermination Now!

You are minding your own business sweeping the floor and wiping dust from the walls when all of a sudden, you see something small crawling out of a small crack. Once you see the termites crawling, you start to panic because even one small termite can multiply into hundreds if you don’t take care of it. Instead of spraying it with an insecticide that might not even work, contact a pest control service such as First Choice Termite And Pest Control. We provide termite extermination services to residents living in Decatur, GA.

Termite Control Company

Termite Control

The Urgency of Removing Termites

Termite control should be a priority because of the following risks of having them too long in the house:

Damaged Furniture – If you have a lot of furniture that is made of wood, termites will most likely be destroying them from the inside until they collapse.

Foundation and Structure Damage – A more serious danger is the prospect of the house collapsing because of termites eating away at the foundation of the house.

Our Termite Extermination Services

Our termite extermination services guarantee the complete removal of termites in your property. We assure our customers that we will prepare you for the entire procedure since it requires the complete quarantine of the entire house, leaving no termite alive. We will use products that will remove them completely and proceed with preventives to keep them away for good. When it comes to pest control, our 20 years of experience guarantee a one hundred percent complete removal of the termites in your home. Aside from termites, we also remove squirrels, rodents, and other wildlife invaders by using exclusion, trapping, and removal techniques.

As a pest control service based in Decatur, GA, we will do a termite control procedure in your home so that your house will not be damaged further. Having problems with termites? Don’t wait. Call First Choice Termite And Pest Control now at (770) 482-7322 before it’s too late.

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